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Disclaimer and Warning
Disclosure to your prospective attorney WARNING: DO NOT TELL MR. MEYER YOUR SECRETS UNLESS AND UNTIL HE AGREES TO ACT AS YOUR ATTORNEY. (See notices below for additional information)

Three methods from which Mr. Meyer can be reached:

With the advent of e-mail and other speedy communications, it is imperative that you read the following!


Visitors will be seen by appointment only. Please call if you wish to schedule a meeting by calling 305.285.8838.

Facsimile: Please send facsimiles only as a last resort.

POTENTIAL CLIENTS: If you are considering hiring Mr. Meyer as your attorney, please call him at 305.285.8838. You may e-mail an inquiry with the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, email address, etc.
  • A very brief, very general, non-confidential description of the type of legal assistance that you desire (e.g., negotiating a software license, negotiating a web site development agreement, drafting a software license form, etc.).
  • Do NOT include in this first description any information that you regard as secret or confidential
  • A brief statement of any known deadlines (e.g., work must be completed this week, within two months, etc.)

WARNING: Unless and until Mr. Meyer agrees in writing to act as your attorney, he accepts no responsibility to provide any advice or to take any actions on your behalf.

  • If you need immediate assistance and you are unable to speak directly to Mr. Meyer on the telephone, then you should immediately begin to locate another attorney. When time is critical, do not wait for a response to a message, e-mail, etc.
  • If Mr. Meyer does not respond almost immediately to a message concerning a possible new matter or if he declines to represent you, then you should immediately locate another attorney. In some circumstances, delay can cause serious problems for you, including, but not limited to, large liabilities or the loss of valuable rights.
  • Mr. Meyer accepts no responsibility for any damages or losses that you may suffer because of any delay in responding to a communication sent before he has agreed in writing to act as your attorney.

(i) Mr. Meyer asks you to do so or
(ii) he agrees in writing to act as your attorney for the matter to which such information relates.

  • NOTE: Mr. Meyer may already represent someone who has a conflict with you.
  • To the greatest extent legally permitted, Mr. Meyer reserves the right to use for any purpose, and to disclose freely to anyone, any information received from you before either
  1. he asks you to send the information to him or
  2. he agrees in writing to act as your attorney for the matter to which such information relates.

Robert C. Meyer, P.A.

2221 Coral Way, Second Floor
Miami, FL 33145

Phone: 305-285-8838
Fax: 305-285-8919

Specializing in Bankruptcy Law
and Commercial Litigation

Web site:

Robert C. Meyer

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