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What Is Bankruptcy?
Definition Bankruptcy: A debtor, upon voluntary petition or upon a petition invoked by the debtors creditors, is adjudicated legally insolvent. The debtors remaining property is then administered for the creditors or is distributed among them.

What Are the Documents I Need to Get Started?
Before you think about filing a bankruptcy, it is imperative that you get your paperwork in order. Numerous parties will request to look at your documents and the same will be required of you immediately after you file. Therefore, it is most prudent and advisable to have these documents prepared prior to your petition filing.

The documents required by almost all the trustees are the following:

  • A) Tax returns for the past three years;
  • B) Bank statements for the past six months;
  • C) Pay stubs for each spouse for the past three months;
  • D) A complete copy of your passport;
  • E) A copy of your driver's license;
  • F) A copy of your social security card;
  • G) A list of your creditors including the following:
  1. Name
  2. Address
  3. Account number
  4. Amount owed
  5. Date last payment was made on account
  6. Name of any party who might also be liable for this debt.
  • H) Copy of title registration for motor vehicle;
  • I) Copy of lien against any motor vehicle in your name;
  • J) Copy of deed for any home you own;
  • K) Deed for any home you own;
  • L) Copy of deed for any non-home or other property you own for the past four years;
  • M) Copy of any mortgage against any real property owned;
  • N) Copy of any real estate closing for the past 4 years;
  • O) Copy of any transfers you made on real estate for motor vehicles one year prior to filing bankruptcy;
  • P) Copy of all lawsuits in which you were involved at the time of your filing of the petition and why;
  • Q) Any documents which you have which deliver more information to your attorney;
  • R) Any previous petitions you have had in bankruptcy;
  • S) Any leases for residences;
  • T) A completed fill out of the asset form which is a 14k PDF file you can download by clicking on this link: "MUST BE FILLED OUT FORM"

Please go to the Necessary Documents for filing section of the web site and print out the forms to complete.

For more information regarding Bankruptcy, please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Comparing Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy under BAPCPA through December 2006 - PDF 436k

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